Record Keeper

by Earth Walk

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released May 31, 2015

Mixed, recorded, produced and mastered at Kicha Studios by Marko Gorkan.



all rights reserved


Earth Walk Israel

Earth Walk is a Tel aviv-Colorado based trio.
The music is made through a piano, electric violin, drums, hands, voices and atmosphere. The trio has been active on an on-and-off basis for numerous years, each time bringing something different to the Israeli alternative music scene. The band's recently released full length album, Record Keeper, was recorded at Kicha Studios ... more

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Track Name: All That Needs To Leave
When i let go the truth comes flowing
always there waiting for me to see
A shadow shares my name and body
always trying to understand me

I feel alone, I feel it crumbling
I feel a love for you so whole
sometimes there is no space
There is no conflict but still
tears roll down my face

Here i am
I’m still falling
Questions overgrew
but its still here
Torn apart
oneness calling
dance to love

It’s so simple, so forgotten
a beauty we can’t always see
My shadows could be here to guide me
never farther than my left hands reach

The bluebird sings and I’m half open
standing on lifes empty stage
love is when we get off
your blond hair and deep blue sea eyes
I can’t get enough

But im still here
I’m still falling
shelves of dust
are in me
if truth came by
I might keep going
breath out
all that needs to leave
Track Name: The Fear
im new in this hometown
ive left alot behind
i hope im walking blindly
i hope im being kind
the wind is feeling soft here
and i dont have to shout
a shudder near my liver
in my throat i feel a doubt
i feel afraid somehow
anxious to be alone
but i longed so hard
to wear these shoes
im now afraid to own

the fear
vibrates for a moment
the moment is all i have
the fear
i slowly learn to greet him
for this moment
and all eternity

the fear
prays on my unknown
feeds on breath and my existence
leaves hurricanes of thought behind
i know its here
the beauty that surrounds me
i solemnly wish for presence
im not afraid of fear
i fear no more

i miss my lively neighbhorhood
a place we knew so well
friends i hold close to my heart
secrets that the stones yell
i feel afraid somehow
but i can smell the trees
i can see the moonlight
and the moon can see me
the quiet
vibrates for a moment
the moment vibrates on
the fear
i slowly learn to greet him
for this moment
and all eternity

the fear
prays on my unknown
feeds on breath and my existence
leaves hurricanes of thought behind
my heart is clear
the beauty that surrounds me
i solemnly wish for presence
im not afraid of fear
i fear no more
Track Name: Time is A Square
look far above
all of these boundaries
we can let go
and let ourselves swim
this daily tone
our gate to understanding
what is unknown
we vaguely hear

all the tears roll
back to the river
this puzzle of wholeness
i want to give in
wherever we are
learn to recieve her
answers are called
journeys begin

time is a square

we sway like trees in the spring
always in movement
forever changing
never alone
probing the dark
dare i say were afraid of it
we are made of it
all these limbs and bones
will leave us to
our last disguise
keeping us from shore
mother earth will keep us warm
Track Name: Deep Blue Seas
There are things that I cannot say out loud
wrapped in a whirl of cloud
try to speak the constant rythme
here before me
here long after I’m gone
there are things that I only feel
time be right maybe I’ll paint them all
free from all demands
free from reprimands and expectations
I’ll inhale it all

Once I am there I won’t be here
when I’m deep in thought I can't see you at all
i'm carving a kind statue of me
to leave it behind
a steady flow of electricity

Oh, my moment is fleeting
with all that was there before
theres no pain, no shame
no regret here
i want more

The sand is shifting and my heart is being
turned around
all these notions
and unknown devotions
lost and found

i want to walk away
i want to walk away from here
uncomfortable in my skin
always here, always now

my moment is fleeting
with all that was there before
every day, every word we say
whispers a chance
of being one
and seeing all there is to really see
vast spaces
and empty places
and deep blue seas
Track Name: Record Keeper
the years have been shortly long
keeper of records, dawn to dawn
we swam with whale, where we belong
the sacred spirl seems to be stuck
cause i need to know it all
the leaves on my trees have been blown on

we crept up to the cave and peered in
we craved some answers that were lost
i only have left a tiny little drop to listen to
the lights went out, i cant see my shaddow
questions must be here

pushing forward, moving mountains we love
empty spaces, a fine dream line outwards
the voices are clear to me
but yet im still, i dont feel free

these are mountains of a different kind
vast voids into which i climb
the darkend womb will forever feed me
dying all these illusional deaths
keep my heart pounding in my chest
the desert wind blowing gently on my cheek

but fire burning forms are changing all that brought me here
Track Name: Despondency
one day it dissapears
just for a while
but it feels like years
i feel like a helpless child
and i forget all i have known
forget to bless everything

nothing comes out
im left to doubt
my heart
the heat
from the stars

im left with many voices
oh the lovely voices
i can make my peace with now
there isnt any darkness
that light cannot behold
as the beautiful moon rises
were constantly reborn

sometimes it dissappears
and it disappears beautifuly
with amazing grace
time rolls through me
and i walk my walk
and everything is just as it is

nothing is
and nothing is not
im loosing myself
in these thoughts
in this soft

i am so many voices
oh the lovely voices
will find their way out of me
there isnt any darkness
that light cannot behold
love cant ever die
so we are constantly reborn

i hear so many voices
resonating voices
will find their way out of me
will find their way in
there isnt any darkness
that light cant set aglow
when we remember were eternal
we can let go
Track Name: No Eyes
the tips of my smile
crawling for my ears
its so unknown, so full of surprises
ive peeled you down now i can see you
the tips of my body come alive
and i know its you more than anybody
no eyes

the tips of your smile
whisper that autumns here again
wheighing the words, suddenly its fragile
youve peeled me down, your arms entwine me
closer than all of our goodbyes
everything’s here, nothings ever missing
no eyes

who am i that wants to stay right here
relive this story every day
but the wind touches my shoulders, nothing can stay
and all the joy that we hold on to
how can i possibly let go
sweet pain of surrender
where it takes me ill go

please shed my skin
smoke of prayer genlty rising
feed me back to the rivers
deliver me through this winter
be my warmth somehow
then offer my eyes to the mountains
oh, how my heart cries
this space in which we grow
hold me like youll never let me go

the tips of time
are so unpredictable
so hard to catch
but i know that well find what were looking for
im melting down becoming the ocean
where all conundrums collide
dancing through the womb
the skies to soar and many springs to bloom
Track Name: I'm Tired
my rotten eyes had enough to weep
my sullen brain falling asleep
ill leave my perfume at my side
so if you come you'll know its me

the muse is boring me out of my mind
i would like to find
what is missing from my life
but i’m too tired
too tired to get out of this hole
to clean up this mess
my shoulders are heavy from the weight
made invisible by the pain
of my exhausted legs and more
these pegs are binding me to the floor

voices won't leave me on my own
this droning noise won’t leave me alone
but i don't my their company
but can’t you see
now i’m tired

im tired of choosing to get out of bed
tired of choosing the thoughts in my head
tired of being exhausted
and not being able
to quit the meds
im tired of seeing your face in my dreams
i want everything to be what they seem
i wanna help but i keep falling asleep
i want you to wake me from these dreams

אנוח רגע במיטתי
הניחו נא פרחים לכבודי
וכשאקום ארגיש שמחה
ולא ארגיש יותר קרועה
i’ve decided to sleep this winter out
hibernate on what its all about
i know i’ll wake to be with you
but can’t you see
im tired
Track Name: Frequency
i will not bind you
you will be bound to me
how i enjoy the edge of your honesty
dear light that surrounds me
dear river of color, ive found
you will not bind me
my love will set me free

dear abyss, that makes me wonder
that lets me walk so deep
frequencies, even when im asleep
when we drive to the rotten
and i can see
you can take me endlessly

this is our symmetry

its all magic
feed me to the earth
our beating pulses a miracle of birth
in the streetlights im caught
how lucky can i be
youre watching over me
medicine runs my body
youre running through me
caressing my endless being

this is our frequency
Track Name: Home
when i close my eyes
i wonder who is wondering
and sometimes
i feel like its not me
im you, im me
im everyone we know
strip away the walls
and come home

we know all there is to know
weve been all there is to be
maybe finally we can begin
to listen
we are the ground on which we build
a sweet sensation leads me on
to hear the silence in every sound

tumbling through something
much bigger than me
through me eyes i see
such clarity
and stillness can bear
however heavy the weight
up and down
but itll stay warm
winters aproach
leaving us all bear
i merge into the roots
and emptyness
feelings that have no name
try to see through the pain
sweetness is calling me

when i close my eyes
i feel the space surrounding me
embracing me so steady
we are between our trains of thought
familiar longing leaves no doubt
i am the home ive always sought
Track Name: The Heat In My Hands
something new something great
the ocean washed over me last night
i embraced all my pain
and turned it into light

its not in all the things
its not inside the happenings
all around me there is brilliance
yet were all grieving

what were made of is invisible
so large it never ends
all my sadness all my aching
means ive forgotten

i long to sleep the final sleep
my eyes are tired of seeing endless shapes and forms
my body seperating me
from love

i wanna be whole again
i want to know who i am at every turn
to feel the heat in my hands
on the coldest of nights
Track Name: The End
As i look out my window into the endless snow
i couldn’t have known, i couldn’t have known
i look high above as i break into tears
its been so many years, its been so many years

as you paint this chapter white, as the color of the night
for it is also the color of my scars
as i plunge into the light
with you right by my side
i would like to be free behind my own bars

I would like to cry out loud
and memorise the clouds
because ill never see them again
i would like to pound the pane
and drink in all the rain
cause its the end

It is the end of an era, the end of an age
the start of a page, the start of a page
when the light falls, it is the end
no more demon calls, it is the end
it is the end
please take my hand, take me somewhere far away
where i can feel the hate, the love, the pain, the beauty, the shame
please wash the darkness off my eyes
and behold the skies

I would like a moment to say my goodbyes
a minute to cry, a minute to cry
as i look out my window into the endless snow
its been so many years, its been so many years

It is the end