from by Earth Walk



when i close my eyes
i wonder who is wondering
and sometimes
i feel like its not me
im you, im me
im everyone we know
strip away the walls
and come home

we know all there is to know
weve been all there is to be
maybe finally we can begin
to listen
we are the ground on which we build
a sweet sensation leads me on
to hear the silence in every sound

tumbling through something
much bigger than me
through me eyes i see
such clarity
and stillness can bear
however heavy the weight
up and down
but itll stay warm
winters aproach
leaving us all bear
i merge into the roots
and emptyness
feelings that have no name
try to see through the pain
sweetness is calling me

when i close my eyes
i feel the space surrounding me
embracing me so steady
we are between our trains of thought
familiar longing leaves no doubt
i am the home ive always sought


from Record Keeper, released May 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Earth Walk Israel

Earth Walk is a Tel aviv-Colorado based trio.
The music is made through a piano, electric violin, drums, hands, voices and atmosphere. The trio has been active on an on-and-off basis for numerous years, each time bringing something different to the Israeli alternative music scene. The band's recently released full length album, Record Keeper, was recorded at Kicha Studios ... more

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